"I have called upon Kristen more times than I can count for distance healings, energy work and in person Reiki. We are a province away and her skills, patience, kindness and light never cease to amaze me. She is wise and takes time to listen. I'm happy I've seen her since the beginning of her journey and I'm excited as she continues to grow and heal those in her path." ~L.M.

"Kristen’s reiki / crystal therapy sessions have helped me balance my emotions, be in tuned with my inner-self, and leave me feeling at peace with a clear mind. Kristen is very passionate about her craft and it reflects greatly in her genuine care for her clients. She is extremely intuitive when guiding the sessions and has a great sense of what is needed to help the therapy be the most effective. My experiences with Kristen have been the most eye-opening inner-self experiences I have ever had and they have greatly improved my mental, physical, and emotional health significantly."


"I can't go a day without these products! There is something so magical about the smell and feel of Spirit Sister's perfectly hand picked ingredients that makes your skin feel like it's glowing from the inside out. The results are dewy, calm and rejuvenated all at once. My absolute favourite line!" ~Samantha Taylor

The spirit sister products clearly have a lot of thought, care, and effort put into them. The aromas of the loose incense and sprays, flavours of the teas, and textures of the body butter are always such high quality and always leave me wanting more.  ~J.P

"Hey Spirit Sister! I wanted to let you know I purchased the manifest aromatherapy spray at the opening of the Tsawwassen Mills mall in South Delta. It's amazing!! I work from home and every time I sit down at my desk I spritz it on and feel completely grounded. So I wanted to say thanks!" ~S.A.G 

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