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Reiki Master


I've been working with Kristen for a few weeks now. Going into it, I didn't really know what to expect, as I am new to this world. I found her presence on Instagram incredibly calming though, and wanted to give it a try. She is such an intuitive person, and is able to help guide you in a way that feels natural. She encourages you to find a path that works best for you, and doesn't pressure you to look at things that you don't want to. Each time I think I've found something strange that no one has experienced, she is right on top of it with a book of meanings and a natural curiosity to learn more about it. She is such a reassuring person, and I strongly recommend her services!


I did a mini healing session via Instagram. And Kristen really saw right away what I needed help processing! It was something I have struggled with a lot in the past and it was nice to be given a tools to help work through this blockage. Would definitely recommend she is super intuitive and great at listing to what needs to be heard and honeing into what will help you work through things! Definitely has a talent! ~Michael P.

Kristen is a wise and compassionate healer and teacher. Her ability to help guide, connect, and ground through Reiki is a blessing— I leave each session feeling recharged and refocused. Kristen empowers her clients to heal themselves, as she holds the space for greater healing, learning, and rising. Thank you sweet spirit sister! ~Liv. V

I have called upon Kristen more times than I can count for distance healings, energy work and in person Reiki. We are a province away and her skills, patience, kindness and light never cease to amaze me. She is wise and takes time to listen. I'm happy I've seen her since the beginning of her journey and I'm excited as she continues to grow and heal those in her path. ~L.M.

Kristen’s reiki / crystal therapy sessions have helped me balance my emotions, be in tuned with my inner-self, and leave me feeling at peace with a clear mind. Kristen is very passionate about her craft and it reflects greatly in her genuine care for her clients. She is extremely intuitive when guiding the sessions and has a great sense of what is needed to help the therapy be the most effective. My experiences with Kristen have been the most eye-opening inner-self experiences I have ever had and they have greatly improved my mental, physical, and emotional health significantly.


When I met Kristen it was one of those “fluke” encounters you don’t understand until after it happens. My family and I decided last minute that we HAD TO go to the local farmers market. There was a beautiful booth with the most gorgeous wooden sign that read Spirit Sister, Reiki Wellness. I was drawn in like a moth to a flame. She welcomed me with such love and acceptance. I had my first reiki healing treatment and felt a deep layer of pain from deep within me flow out of me with the wind. It was so hard to science brain was trying to figure it out but I knew in my gut this was something my heart needed and my head didn’t need to understand. .
Since that afternoon at the farmers market, Kristen has come into my life when I needed her most. Through reiki treatments she held the space for my higher self to have a voice (one that I had shushed down for so long I didn’t even know it was part of me). She reminded me of my love of yoga and I started moving with love again after years of punitive exercise. She attuned me to my first level of me the most incredible gift of being able to heal MYSELF...I still pinch myself every time I feel my palms tingling. .

In a quick convo with her I was given the missing pieces to what I have been searching for and I was filled again with such gratitude for the teachers of the world who continue to show up to be the light for the rest of us. It’s amazing how one light can cast away the darkest of shadows. .


Kristen is one of the most dedicated, passionate people I know. She is genuinely committed to helping people heal, grow, and connect to the best version of themselves. Kristen's deep empathic abilities and her wide array of knowledge across multiple disciplines combine to make her the ideal instructor from whom to learn the healing art of Reiki, or to benefit from one of her healing sessions. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering looking into Reiki to chat with her - you will not be disappointed :)

~Amanda R.

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