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In-Home or Virtual Sessions
Energy Healing
Healing sessions are unique to the individual, and may include Usui Reiki techniques, Therapeutic Touch, Pranayama (Breath work), Meditation techniques, Aromatherapy, Channeling, and more.
Contact for pricing information and to book a session. Financial Assistance available
Healing Circle
Healing gatherings offer an opportunity to come together and witness each other in our uniqueness, in a safe, judgement-free environment. Each gathering focuses on lunar and astrological cycles, and includes a healing meditation, Reiki healing, unique earth-based ritual, sound healing and community support. 
Limited space available. Pre-registration required.
Contact me for the next healing circle date
(Circle is held every 2-3 weeks).
Motivational Speaking
Keynote lectures based on evidential healing practices from personal experience and long-standing holistic modalities from a variety of belief-systems; inclusive to all. 
Contact me to discuss venue, location, lecture duration and costs.
Remote and online talks available.

Training & Coaching

All levels of Usui Reiki Certification and personalized coaching available to guide you on your Spiritual Path.

Contact me for more information.

My Approach

My name is Kristen Michelle Gula Wiwczaruk, 

and I am an energy healer, empath, intuitive, wellness educator & motivational speaker. I live my life authentically, and practice what I teach. 

I compassionately hold space for you to remember what is already part of your being. You have the strength to navigate your divine life, in a way that honours your belief-system. We can ALL work together. 


Together we will explore how to best clear energy that isn't serving you, isn't yours, or isn't relevant anymore; plus tap in to your own inner strengths and healing abilities (which we all have). 


Everything is interconnected- the earth, the body, the breath, and the mind. 

As a movement teacher, I am deeply passionate about bringing a connection to linking movement and breath, expanding body awareness, bringing attention to thought patterns, and honouring the innate intuition that resides in all of us. As a healer, I channel Spirit to offer messages as lessons. 

I am a sixth generation certified Usui Reiki Master, Level 3 Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Animal Reiki Healer, ERYT200 Yoga and Pilates instructor, Spiritual Consultant, Empathic Intuitive and professional speaker. I am your support crew- I absolutely believe you can achieve what you seek out, and will lovingly witness you on your path as it is meant to be.

I honour the plants, the animals and the elements.

I honour Body, Mind and Spirit; Earth, and Universe;

Feminine and Masculine. For me, it is all about BALANCE. 

It is my honour to walk with you as you transform at your unique pace, on your individual path.

You are not alone.

Blessed Be; and Deep Gratitude to you.

My Approach
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