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Spirit Mama Wellness

The new business baby of Spirit Sister...

Spirit Mama came out of the desire I felt in my postpartum state. I was in need of loving support- a safe space where I could be with other Mamas/parents/caregivers and share my experiences and hear theirs, we could encourage one another (hello my primary love language!), heal together (meditation circles and events) and it was ACCESSIBLE. 

I needed to create a combination of what i was also seeking... 

-Prerecorded wellness practices that were short, so I could practice at any time of day or night

-Virtual meet ups so I could connect with other parents, but could still be at home in my living room (or in my pjs in bed!)

-In person local events at a variety of times of day (because sometimes you really need that face to face connection)

This culminated in the creation of my new branch of Spirit Sister- Spirit Mama Wellness; a space for all those navigating fertility, infertility, parenthood, miscarriage, termination or loss of an infant of child. It is for parents with newborns, adult children, and everything in between. It is for me, it is for you, it is for us. 

Please contact me if you would like to receive information about booking a private healing session, training or consultation, or would like to receive any information about any of my upcoming group offerings.


Prerecorded, UNIQUE daily meditations- perfect for beginners!

10 minutes per day for 10 days

Start any time and keep the videos for 1 year

$25 introductory price

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