My name is Kristen Wiwczaruk, and I am an Empath, healer, teacher and Sister. I am the creator of Spirit Sister Wellness. 

It wasn't until I embraced my gift of being an empath that I started to embrace myself, and everything Spirit Sister has to offer this world...

Sometimes we get stuck, but my energy sparks stuck energy, so it can transform to new light. I am a Master of tactile creation; I bring creative transformation into others lives. 

I educate you and help you to remember what is already part of your being. You have the strength to navigate life as an empath already; but together we will explore how best clear energy that isn't serving you, isn't yours, or isn't relevant anymore, plus tap in to your own inner strengths and healing abilities (which we all have). 


Everything is interconnected- the earth, the body, the breath, and the mind. 

As a movement teacher, I am deeply passionate about bringing a connection to linking movement and breath, expanding body awareness, bringing attention to thought patterns, and honouring the innate intuition that resides in all of us. As a healer, I channel Spirit to offer messages as lessons. 

I am a sixth generation Usui Reiki Master, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Animal Reiki Healer, Yoga and Pilates instructor, Spiritual Consultant, Empathic Intuitive and your support crew- I absolutely believe you can achieve what you seek out!

I honour the plants, the animals and the elements. I honour Body, Mind and Spirit; Earth, and Universe; Feminine and Masculine. For me, it is all about BALANCE. 

I am honoured to hold space for you as you embark on your spiritual journey. I am happy to connect you to others in your community to offer support, compassion and love.

Blessed Be; and Deep Gratitude to you.

                                                                                             Kristen Wiwczaruk

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